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Welcome to the POD

Members of the Pod — parents, grandparents, siblings & other Orca fans are integral to maintaining an environment in which developing Orcas can thrive.  POD members best help their young Orcas by keeping their enthusiasm & efforts concurrent with the purpose & objectives of the Westover Wild Orcas Swim Program.  The purpose of the program is to foster the pursuit of excellence and enjoyment of competitive Orca swimming, within the summer club environment.

Parent Volunteers — Volunteerism is necessary & expected, and we owe much of our success to parent involvement! Parent interest and reliability are the only qualifications for Parent Volunteers.

Please be reminded, if you have a child swimming in a meet, you are expected to volunteer for at least one shift for that meet. If you have two swimmers, you'll need to cover 2 shifts for each meet. Three swimmers.....3 shifts.  We understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that will prohibit you from covering a shift. You'll need to get with the Orca Volunteer Coordinator or Orca's Team Manager should this occur and explain the situation.  Your child's eligibility to swim a meet is dependent upon your volunteer hours.  Should requirements not be met you may very well find your swimmer(s) ineligible for upcoming meets.

Your support & positive energy will go far to ensure a successful swim season for everyone involved & is much appreciated by coaches, swimmers, and other parents. Additionally, we hope that you will find this a unique opportunity to build a meaningful working relationship with the swimmers, coaches, and other members of the Westover Hills Club.

Remember, you are never alone — Orcas travel in the POD!

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