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Practice Information

Practice Hints:

  • Attend only your designated practice time unless instructed by the coach.
  • Be on deck at least 5 minutes early and be ready to get in the water.
  • Have goggles adjusted & ready to go prior to practice.
  • While waiting to practice please show courtesy to the group that is already in the water.
  • Bring to each practice any equipment (fins & goggles). Please have your equipment labeled.
  • Apply any sunscreen (especially on the face) preferably at home but at least 15 minutes prior to practice.
  • Team suits last longer if you wear a training suit to practice.
  • Be sure to WEAR YOUR SMILE at all times!

Training Groups

It is important, and expected, that a swimmer train with his respective age group. Training groups are established by age (rather than speed or stamina). Coaches strive to do what is best for the swimmers and relative to the team atmosphere and training challenges. It has proven best in this situation to have swimmers grouped by age.

Training with the appropriate age group allows coaches to teach and coach relative to age specific techniques. It promotes team unity and helps facilitate age-related activities. Relay and swim meet organization is also enhanced by this grouping.

Thank you in advance for respecting these practice guidelines.


We strive to foster a strong summer club team environment. While we know everyone has different vacation schedules, as well as other commitments, we hope you will be able to attend as many practices, meets, and social events as possible.

It is not necessary to alert the coach if you are going to miss a scheduled practice. However, if you cannot attend a meet (or will arrive late/leave early), we ask that you communicate this information.

We would rather have your swimmer eligible for the meet than miss . . .

Swimmers are required to attend 2 practices to be eligible for the weekend's meet. If your swimmer has special needs at some time (due to Middle or High School orientation week, Anderson weight training class, VBL or similar) please let the head coach know. We can work on making arrangements such that your swimmer remains eligible for the weekend's meet.  This rule is not meant to exclude team members from swimming a meet but to prevent swimmers from ONLY swimming meets.

New Swimmers

Parents are asked to introduce their new swimmer to Coach Jonny, or have your swimmer take charge & introduce himself.  Please let Coach Jonny know of any special health or anxiety issues. Coaches will help integrate appropriately.

Need to communicate with a coach?

Thank you for trusting our coaches to do what they think is best for your swimmer and others involved in the program. If you have any questions or develop special circumstances, please see our Head Coach, Jonny, on or off deck.  He will direct the assistant coaches relative to any issues that arise.  The least distracting time is between practices or when swimmers are not yet in water.

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