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CAPS It is suggested that swimmers wear a cap at all swim meets. If wearing a cap it is required that the official Wild Orca swim cap be worn. Swimmers can request an Orca Team (latex) cap for no charge when t-shirts arrive and are passed out (closer to first meet). Silicone caps may be purchased for $12.00. Swimmers with long hair are expected to keep it pulled back and braided to keep out of face — a cap works best however, and may be suggested by coach.

SPECIAL ORCA CAPS — See Coach for these fun caps. It is especially cool when we get our "littles" (boys or girls) in these cute silicone caps!


ORCA TEAM SUIT — TYR "Phoenix" This suit will be stocked by SwimFreak Swim Shop.  SwimFreak will supply the team with a run of sizes for swimmer fit.  We will have these available at practice on Monday 5/17.   SWIMFREAK will also have a run of standard sizes at their swim shop. You may drop in anytime between May 12th - 19th to try-on and pre-order a team suit.

SHIRTEach swimmer receives a shirt with registration. Extra shirts are available for purchase if pre-ordered with registration or ordered from the "Shop" tab.  Order early!

FINS — Fins are required at practice. Each swimmer should have his own pair, marked with his name (Sharpie works well). The suggested brand are "Tritan" and are carried by Lane 4. These are most economical and seem to give the best support along with flexibility. "Speedo" swim fins are second choice. (Regular size, nothing fancy, no dive fins with heel strap, no split fins!). Ask Coach Sandy if you have any questions.

GEARThe team has kickboards and buoys for our Orcas to use in training. If your swimmer brings own make sure it is identifiable and retrieved from the deck after practice.

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