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Roth B. Feeley Memorial Spirit Award

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Prior to 1996, the name of the Westover Club swim team was the Westover Wild Wave.

Roth Feeley, a 6th grader at Murchison Middle School and Hill Elementary alum, was an enthusiastic member of the Waves. Roth was always kind & encouraging of his teammates. He was full of energy, fun-loving and happened to love Orca whales.

Roth tragically passed away of a sudden and unexpected cardiac event on January 2, 1996.  His mom, Kristen, who was a very big volunteer and supporter of the swim team drew an image of the Orca whale in honor of Roth. We refer to the team shirt that displays the image of the Orca whale bursting through colors as the "Orca Classic."

If you currently or previously attended Hill Elementary, you most likely have played in the Westover Wild Orca house (Roth's Aquarium) on the Kinder playground known as Hill Harbor. This was built in Roth's memory. His mom painted the design In memory of her son.

Also, in memory of Roth, the Wild Wave was renamed to the Westover Wild Orcas. In his honor, the Roth B. Feeley Spirit Award is awarded yearly to someone on the team who has exemplifies the same encouraging spirit.

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Spirit Award Recipients

2023 Gus Lott
2022 Carla Geck
2021 Trey Carter
2019 Ava Carter
2018 Connor Stogner
2017 Elizabeth Ann Stromberger
2016 Aidan Rosprim
2015 Cecie Suknaic
2014 Ian Smith
2013 Amy McPherson
2012 Chris Mabley
2011 Meredith Brown & Valerie Vines
2010 Hannah Gordon
2009 Ryan Compton
2008 Collin Fish
2007 Matthew Carroll & Patrick Germain
2006 Alison Garner & Vanessa Morris
2005 Kathryn Isaacson & Becca Covington
2004 Becca Covington & Patrick Germain
2003 Liz Cline
2002 Christie Newberry
2001 Katelyn Erickson & Scott Kelly
2000 Meghan Flanagan & Mike Dardnne
1999 Coleman Feeley
1997 Reed Erickson & Amy Erickson
1996 Garrett Ochoa
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