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Relay swims are a privilege and more times than not earned by time & performance. Sometimes, however, relays are switched around in order to help give a greater number of swimmers the opportunity to swim on a relay. While not all swimmers will get to swim relays, all swimmers are expected to be available for relays. There are exceptions and that is why the checkboxes on your individual meet registration page are offered. 

Following are some suitable reasons you would check something other than: "Available for ANY relays."

  • "Can't make the meet for early relays because I'm taking the SAT in the morning."
  • "My family is going to an out-of-town family reunion to celebrate my grandma's 85th birthday."
  • "We are catching a plane at 1p to see Elton John so I will miss the last part of the meet."

Unacceptable reasons would include:

  • "I'd rather sleep in"
  • "I want to rest for my own event."
  • "I don't like relays."
  • "I want to leave the meet early so I can catch the midday matinee."
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