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Team Philosophy & Objectives

The purpose of the Westover Wild Orca competitive swim program is to provide each and every swimmer with the opportunity to strive for excellence in competitive swimming. While swimmers may each begin their path at a different point along this road, we encourage swimmers at all levels to accept the challenges inherent in this wonderful sport. With goal-setting, motivation, confidence-building, handling pressure, taking responsibility, maintaining health & fitness, enjoying family & friendships . . .  and having FUN all being by-products of our quest – how can it get any better?!

Through this journey we hope to set the foundation for life-long enjoyment of what is one of the most wholesome, wonderful, and body-friendly sports available.

Of course, while coaches, parents & friends will provide a positive atmosphere in which respect for one another is modeled and acceptance of another's rights to participate is expected, it is ultimately the responsibility of every swimmer to help see that things are working on our team. Respect and positive support of one another and team unity are musts!

We have a competent staff to teach and coach your swimmer(s). Our technical experience is sound. As coaches, our goals are to help your swimmer acquire a healthy knowledge, and proficiency, in proper stroke technique. We strive to nurture each and every swimmer, at every skill level, in a positive manner and act to provide a supportive & enjoyable environment so every swimmer can experience the fun & excitement of the Westover Wild Orcas summer competitive swimming team.

We all look forward to the life-long bonds shared with and between teammates, coaches, and families of Westover Wild Orcas.  Orca swimmers, Orca families, Orca supporters and fans – get ready to rock it!

See you on deck!
Coach Jonny

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