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Children & grandchildren of members, or staff, of the Westover Club who are at least 5 yrs old and younger than 19 (age as of May 1) are eligible to become members of the Westover Orca swim team. Any exceptions will be at the coach's discretion. When team size permits, non-members from the surrounding neighborhood will be considered. Priority will always be given to Westover members. At the coach's discretion, swimmers are passed onto the team if they meet the following skills:

  • swim 25 yd freestyle, exhibiting consistent proficient side-breathing patterns
  • swim 25 yd backstroke exhibiting proficient kick & stable horizontal body position
  • show ability to focus on instruction, amidst large group, for 30-45 min session

There will be numerous pre-season "Swim Evaluation" dates (usually late March, early April) in order for the Coach to determine whether or not a swimmer appears ready for the swim team. Please see calendar for swim evaluation dates. All new swimmers must pass the swim evaluation.

Once on the team, the first two weeks of practice are probationary for beginning swimmers. Head Coach will have final determination of a swimmer’s readiness. Children who, at the coach's discretion relative to skill level, are unable to continue after the first two weeks will be offered a partial refund. There are otherwise no refunds for swim team.

We ask that you please consider thoroughly whether your child is ready emotionally as well as skill-wise for the swim team prior to swim evaluation. Although we place great focus on teaching technique, swim team is not the place for beginner swim lessons.

Should registration for the Wild Orcas be full, eligible swimmers will be put on a waiting list. Should space open up members on the list will be called immediately.

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