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2023 Wild Orcas Swim Team Registration

Eligibility — Children & grandchildren of members or staff of the Westover Club between the ages of 5 (as of 1/1/23) and 18 (as of 5/1/23) are eligible to become members of the Westover Orca swim team. When team size permits for additional swimmers to participate, non-members from the surrounding neighborhood will be considered. Priority will be given, in order, to: Returning Orca club members, Orca siblings, returning non-members, new Westover Club members, and new non-members as space provides. Non-members must have registration approval of coach or team manager. Please Note: ALL NEW swimmers (including siblings of returning Orcas) must be approved by head coach prior to registration.

Westover Club Member Fees — Registration fees for 2023 are $175 for the first swimmer, $165 for the second swimmer, and $155 for the third swimmer and each additional swimmer in the same family. Each swimmer's registration fee includes an Orca Team T-Shirt.

Westover Club Non-Member Fees — Non-members registration fees are $220 per swimmer for the 2023 summer club season.

The 2023 Orca Season is 8 weeks long with practices beginning on Monday, May 1st and ending with League Champs on Sunday, June 25th.  We hope that your family will take advantage of swim practices, competitive opportunities, Orca spirit, camaraderie, and all the things that make summer league swimming such a fun and valued family activity at Westover Club. It will be a fantastic season!

Reminder: All "Newbies" (including siblings of returning Orcas) must be evaluated prior to registration being valid. Please see the Orca website at www.wildorcas.com for swim evaluation registration and other important dates.

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Wild Orca Eligibility

By signing below, I indicate that I am either a current member of Westover Hills Club with an account in good standing (i.e., no outstanding payments due to Westover Hills Club) and my swimmer has passed a swim evaluation (facilitated by Orca staff) and, if a non-member, our swimmer(s) have been approved to join the Wild Orcas for the current season. As a non-member, I acknowledge that participation on the Wild Orcas is limited to Wild Orca activities and not other club activities and is for the 2023 current season with no guarantee of swim team membership for future years.

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Non-Member Registration Fee

We are a non-member family and agree to pay an additional fee per Orca swimmer -- $45 for 1st swimmer, $55 for 2nd swimmer, $65 for 3rd swimmer -- for a total registration fee of $220 per swimmer. 

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Authorization and Release of Liability

In operating the Westover Wild Orcas, the officers, coaches and volunteers, along with the staff of Westover Hills Club all take reasonable precautions to make the activities safe. However, participation in the sport of swimming may be a HAZARDOUS activity. The risks inherent to swimming include, but are not limited to paralyzing or long-term catastrophic injuries, and even death. Although serious injuries are very uncommon to the Wild Orcas program, risks remain, and the staff can only minimize, not eliminate, all risks. We require participants to obey all safety rules and instructions at all times. Although the Wild Orcas’ coaches, officers, volunteers, along with Westover staff endeavor to act responsibly and with care, as condition of participation in the swim team program, participants are required to release the Wild Orcas, its coaches/teachers, officers, volunteers and all associated Westover Club staff from claims and demands for losses to property and for personal injuries to parents, children or guests that may arise from all acts or omissions other than those involving intentional conduct or gross negligence.


I authorize the Wild Orcas’ coaches, the teams officers and volunteers, and Westover Club staff to consent to emergency medical and/or dental treatment while my child is participating in the swim team program. I understand that reasonable effort will be made to contact me should my child require emergency care, but I authorize the Wild Orcas, its coaches, officers & volunteers, and Westover Club staff to consent to necessary emergent care without notification if efforts to notify me could potentially delay the provision of emergent care. I agree to pay all costs associated with medical care and transportation for my child. I release the Wild Orcas, its coaches, officers & volunteers, and Westover Club staff for any damages which may be incurred from the treatment of my child. I agree to indemnify the Wild Orcas, its coaches, officers & volunteers, and Westover Club staff for any claims, demands, actions or causes of action by or for my child. I also authorize the use of my child’s name, photograph(s), and swimming results to be posted on the Wild Orcas’ website.


I agree to release and hold harmless the Wild Orcas, its coaches, teachers, employees, officers & volunteers, Westover Club staff and any other agents for any and all claims and demands for property damage or personal injury to myself, my child and our guests for any acts or omissions other than those which are done intentionally or with gross negligence.

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Volunteer Agreement

We, the family indicated herein, agree to commit to volunteer hours in preparation or during each swim meet our swimmer participates in. We understand that both parents may be needed to volunteer during meets or otherwise. (Families with small children are encouraged to participate in ways that do not require time on deck during meets.) It is understood that it is the family's responsibility to check on swimmers throughout the meet and to not rely on age group parent volunteers or other volunteers to care for the swimmer's personal needs.

Please note: Parents should choose preferred volunteer positions following in this registration form. Volunteer jobs will then be assigned by our volunteer coordinator. They are usually consistent with choices but may vary according to meet & season needs. Please allow for some flexibility should you be assigned an alternate position when needed during the season.

Thank you for contributing to the 2023 Orca Season!

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Orca Buddy

In 2023, we will be implementing Orca Buddies. Older swimmers (11&up) will be assigned a younger swimmer as a "Buddy". This will give older swimmers a mentorship and leadership opportunity to foster, encourage, motivate, and instill sportsmanship in younger Orcas. If your older swimmer (11&up) is interested in the program, please indicate here:)

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